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Terms of Service

  • 31/12/2020
  • Admin

- The provisions referenced are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.
- E-jager.com and Customer are responsible for fulfilling all obligations set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
- If any content of these Terms and Conditions is deemed invalid or impossible to perform in whole or in part by competent authority, then the validity of other content in these Terms and Conditions will not be affected.
- These Terms and Conditions and any issues arising in the contractual relationship between e-jager.com and the Customer will be understood and governed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. Any dispute or claim arising out of / or relating to the content of these Terms and Conditions will be resolved through negotiation within thirty (30) days. Past the 30-day time limit, if unable to resolve the above disputes and complaints, they can be resolved at a competent court agency.